(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Pandora's Heart

Happy Vday!
on me: leather jacket & dress via hk, "love" belt via Forever 21, tights via Motelrocks & brogues via Zara 

Being simply obsessed with tights I thought it would be ironic to incorporate these tights in my valentines lookbook.
Pretty hilarious if you'd ask me ;)

Being as awkward as an sixteen year old can get on valentines day I thought it'd be interesting to add a bit of my personal touch to the shoot since roses are a bit to cliche for me (albeit the fact I just bought a load of fake ones for my upcoming d.i.y project). I decided to grab these hybrid blue and purple ombre orchids to give my outfit that extra color I always love. (because thats just so hipster of me) And then attempt posing in the dark with a tripod... Because nothing can go wrong with that! (hence the over use of cropping and collages) 
All in all I had a pretty interested day, being locked out of my home for two hours, getting all pumped up for spirit week (go strikers!) and getting a good dose of Ben & Jerry's. 

This is only part one of my valentines day post so keep your eyes peeled for my second one! 

komorebi: (n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

xo Charmyn


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