(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Night Escapades i

Night shot i.

on me: jacket via taobao, dress via urban planet, tights via momma chan and creepers via Mong Kok

Last night was my first day in Hong Kong and I must say it's good to be back.  Having a meet up with my good friend Katrina we had a good run at look booking at Mong Kok's bridge where we had loads of giggles and laughs, watching elderly, couples, and the occasional families watch in shock of the crayziness we displayed as we attempted creating boka in our photo. As far as i'm concerned for only being taught in less than five minutes, I'm extremely happy with how Katrina captured these photos. Even with the fact my lens is slightly malfunctioning and the mass of people coming that leads to us bawling our eyes out... I think we had a good night.
Wishing everyone an amazing spring break!

komorebi:(n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

xo Charmyn



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