(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees



Baby it's VanDusen. 

On me: white dress (similar), shoes (similar), ring We.ar.able (buy me)
Photography & Makeup :
Elizabeth Dobrzanski

My opinion on the VanDusen Botanical Garden?
It's an incredible place to visit when one gets tired of the city, full of greenery/florets, and a killer location to take photos.
When planning this shoot Elizabeth's suggestion of this location prompted my interest, but arriving at the garden excited me. It was somewhere I would love to visit when I want to relax.
The variety of locations were so overwhelming that Elizabeth and I ended up shooting a mixture of shots that held no cohesion. Even so, the photos highlight the diverse plantation and spacious size of the botanical garden.
Growing up in a city I've never seen the appeal of flowers, because my knowledge of flower breeds were limited to roses, sun-flowers, and any blossom one purchases during Chinese New Year.
(hence my current obsession with succulents and hydrangeas)

The dress was something I've been meaning to shoot for a while, but being picky I had to find a specific location and photographer to capture this look. Luckily Elizabeth wanted to collaborate after our previous summer escapades.
 (view jaws and back to black)

Accessory wise, I was introduced by a friend Visala (view blog), to check out her new online shop, We.Ar.Able (view shop). It contains many quirky and whimsical accessories that emulate my style. Intrigued on this find I decided to purchase the Flesh ring, because it has a gorgeous marble design, but wasn't too common in color with the traditional black in white, but instead a mixture of gold and sienna! A winning touch was the crystal which became a great conversation starter. Throughout this summer I've frequently wore this ring, and when travelling in Europe it was the only accessory I used regardless of the other jewelry I packed. When I make my next online purchase, I plan to either buy the cloud earrings (view here) or YinYang Ring (view here)Till next time lovelies

Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
Xo Charmyn

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