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Night Escapades ii

More night shots.

on me: sweater via Pull & bear (buy here), jeans via Urban planet, earring via mk, shoes via Taobao

Here it is ladies & gents, my second day lookbook outfit in Hong Kong. And what better collaboration would there be if it didn't involve my fellow blogger friend Emily Cheng via 'StylebyEmmy'. Again this escapade, so to speak of... Involved the likes of boka (once again) Because honestly... who doesn't like boka in their photos? Feeling like it was time to break out my internal freak, I opted for my Pull & bear's sweater to have a little fun... Only to be sweating within five minutes into the shoot (thank you HK humidity)
Eventually though all the sweating and casual awkward spazzing, the day had came to an end.
As for me i'm off to spend quality time in my bed, so i'm hoping everyone's letting their internal weirdo flag fly this spring break!

xo Charmyn 



  1. Wow! That outfit! Love it :) specially the sweater (and of course the city!

    1. Thank you! I felt the sweater expressed my inner weirdo :)


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