(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Summer High's


on me: flower garland and top via H&M, jacket via Taobao, skirt via Motelrocks, shoes via Mk 

As tradition has behold, I present my "garden" shoot with the one and only... Janice Chan. This season we played with the tones and textures of Janice's estate, where we had a marvellous time having me jump upon rocks whilst attempting not to fall into a waterfall, being chased by a security guard due to me jumping into said waterfall... (sigh) the rebellion goes on and on. However throughout the whole mischief journey, we managed to salvage some decent shots of my uber bright outfit (excuse your eyes, but thats how i roll) Aside from running a muck, Janice and I finally parted our goodbyes for the afternoon as I set out to Mong Kok for some recon shopping. 
Hopefully as I receive more photos from photographers I'll be able to upload the shoot's I've been doing this week (don't think I've neglected my duties just yet!) 

ps: for all those in hk remember to bring an umbrella!

komorebi:(n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
xo  Charmyn


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