(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


A Callia Mother's Day

Picking a gift for the picky mother

Photography: Brandon Ng
Editing: Charmyn Chan 

Growing up my mother had a funny way of accepting gifts. 
Whether it be her birthday, holiday, or something I purchased on a whim my mother would accept the gift and then proceed to never use it.
Sound familiar?
Therefore, I was determined this year to find a gift that she would enjoy and actually use.
After searching the web and browsing through multiple mother's day articles, I stumbled upon a flower ordering service called Callia Flowers
Callia Flowers is a website with premade bouquets priced at $49 that can be ordered online within five steps.
No middle men, no lines to get through, it was simple and efficient. 
I found this website useful since it had a fixed amount of options so I didn't get too overwhelmed when picking which bouquet to order.
Also, because I knew I would not be in Vancouver to celebrate with my mother I ordered my flowers right before my trip to Tokyo, and within three days the flowers arrived. To make matters better, the flowers came in a gorgeous box which actually impressed my mom, and she isn't usually impressed by anything other than me sleeping early.  
Jokes aside though, not only did my mother enjoy her gift, I know it because even in Seoul as I write this blog post my mother continues to update me on the status of the flowers through our WhatsApp messages. 
I never believed in simple, or the cliche idea of "less is more". 
However, after gift experimenting for the past ten years I can safely say that when in doubt just get them flowers.
 Flowers create an indescribable feeling when being gifted that I too have experienced in the past.
There's an exhilaration of some sort that bubbles inside of you as you open your box of flowers. 
(especially if they're farm-fresh and can last up to four to six weeks)
I guess it could be the whimsicality of the product, and how even though it may not last forever can prove to brighten up one's day when they wake up or come home from work. 
I know my mother may seem like a savage in this blog post, but really she's a romantic at heart. 
Especially when it comes to me and blogging. 
My mother never fully understood it when I started Ko-morebi in 2012, but after several years of pursuing this hobby, I can see that she is more supportive than before. Little things, like suggesting different types of blog or video ideas I can create, or even suggesting locations for me to shoot at. 
They may not seem like much, but just the thought or effort she had to put in to give me these ideas are very heart warming. 
Till next time lovelies!
Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn

Special thanks to my mother for being gracious enough to let me photograph her and the bouquet Callia Flowers sent us this past week. 


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