(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Sleepwalking Through The Streets

"He worried from the second he learned your name"

In Collaboration: Tobi
Creative Direction: Dreamer Charmyn
Editing: Dreamer Charmyn
Photography: Vernice T

Hello everyone!
I hope you have been doing well since I've uploaded in pre-autumn.
I know everyone's been wondering why I don't post as frequently on my blog, and why I post more on Instagram compared to before.
And the answer is... Substance.
Media has changed drastically over the years, where a typical #ootd would suffice and people would flock to your blog.
However, time's have changed (I sound so old) and the standards for everyone's content has gone UP.
To me, I don't want to put out something shitty or mediocre for people to read.
Instead, I want to create something visually dynamic, with a solid backbone, and a reason to why someone would click on this page.
Ya feel?
Also i'm not going to lie, taking a quick photo and posting on my Instagram takes 10 - 15 minutes while as a blog post you have to focus and think of something eloquent to say.

SO... last month the beautiful people at Tobi were kind enough to reach out and let me pick some pieces to share with you.
To kick things up a notch, I decided to make a lookbook on how I would integrate the pieces into my wardrobe.
For each look I tried to channel a different persona, hence the different looks I created might not suit everyone's taste.
Even so, I hope one of them resonates with you and inspires you to try styling something similar.
I shot these four looks during my overnight stay with Vernice at The Douglas, and I can attest that I am excited to hear your opinion!

On me: Madelyn Taupe Jumpsuit Set (on sale) & Zara heels (similar)

 Starting off with a favourite of mine, I decided one of my picks from Tobi would be this matching jumpsuit set. 
Sets have always been my go to's whenever I shop or dress because they're big pieces that have a lot of flair and dynamics but require the least amount of effort to style.
Especially now that it's winter and the weather has become more dreary I wanted something I could pop on, add a jacket and go.
For this shoot, I wanted something more dressed up because I knew we would be shooting at a hotel. 
But I didn't want to look too formal and have a blazer so I borrowed a puffer jacket from Vern and added one of my craziest heels. 
I remember I bought the heels on impulse back in high school and only got to wear it once, but I'm glad I found another excuse to use them!
What I love specifically when figuring out how to style this look was how versatile the set itself was.
Cause you could...
1. Add a sweater on top (layer pieces if the weather gets colder)
2.  The colour was neutral so it transitioned well into my wardrobe 
3. Heels or sneakers (depending on your mood you can be classy or street)
4. Cuff it up (I wanted my heels to stand out more so I rolled up the pants hem, however, when I wore sneakers while on an errand I didn't cuff the pants)

On me: Time Will Tell Asymmetrical Sweater (on sale), Zara jeans (buy me) & Public Desire Boots (on sale)

Looking at something more casual, I wanted to take the classic jeans and sweater pairing but put my own twist on it.
I chose a relaxed pair of jeans with two different colour because I felt like I had so many photos with black jeans and was getting tired of the same look.
I've been purchasing a lot of different types of pants recently, and as soon as I got these pants it quickly became one of my most worn pieces. 
The piece I selected from Tobi was this red asymmetrical sweater.
 I liked the ribbing pattern the sweater had while browsing online, and the way it hung on the model's body seemed to be the perfect type of slouch I was looking for.
Not to mention it's red. 
And no its not for the holidays, I just wanted something with a classic silhouette and a punch of colour that would elevate a basic piece.

On me: Cara Wine Blazer Dress (on sale) & Sappun heels (buy me)

To get in the holiday spirit the final item I picked out was this velvet blazer dress. Usually, I lean towards baggy dresses especially during the holiday season because it means I can eat without having to worry about a food baby. Usually oversized dresses aren't perceived to be sexy, but trust me this dress has all the sex appeal you need if you want to wear something comfortable and not tight. 
The front opening on this dress was so big I was able to wear it like an asymmetrical sweater to show my shoulders, however, it can also be worn as is and gives a lot of room for any girls who want to show some cleavage.
Aside from potential cleavage this dress also gave my legs an opportunity to look longer than they really are. 
(something that happens 1% of the time)
As many of you know I am 5ft, so that means tiny legs. 
With tiny legs, it becomes challenging to shoot and show off the limited amount of stems you have. 
However, with this dress anything is possible.
Whoever made this dress was amazing, because the cutting was so flattering it hit just the right length of my legs. 
Also with this dress length, you can technically wear this dress as a blazer top, add a belt to cinch the waist and a classic pair of skinny jeans for the work week.

Till next time lovelies!
Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn

ps: the title of this blog post was inspired by Worry About You by the 2AM Club. 
I kept listening to it when I was editing and fell in love with the lyrics, which explains the title and opening line to the blog post.
I've attached the video of the song at the end of this post in case someone wants to listen to it :)


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