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How To Get The Perfect Photo

Steering your shoot to success 

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Editing: Charmyn Chan

In response to my last article 'How I Stopped Obsessing Over the Perfect Photo' I received a lot of messages on how even though I "let go" after a number of shots I still manage to get a semi-decent shot in the end.
These messages tend to usually end with questions on how I frame my shots and what things I do specifically to guarantee that 'WOW' photo.
So here I am sharing the things I do to steer my shoot to a success.
I've also added a part for those who are looking to get a perfect photo through a friend whose helping them take a photo.

When Taking the Photo

1. Storyline
 I know what you're thinking. 
What do you mean Storyline?
For me whenever I plan a shoot I try to think of a story plot like what is the person in the image / location I am envisioning doing.
i.e. Is she a girl in a dress whose frolicking through the fields? 
Or is she a high fashion model strutting down the street?

2. Cohesion
In reference to the first point, I don't mean that mixing different elements won't work in achieving a good photo. 
(i.e. a girl in a long flowy dress posing at a graffiti wall)
Juxtaposition works and I encourage you to experiment to your heart's content.
However, while shooting makes sure the location and the model make sense.
If the model and the location look like they belong together then I will continue using that location or else I will start moving to another spot. 

3. Angles
Sometimes the best and most unique shots might come from changing the angles.
If not, at least you have more variety when narrowing down your shots.
Whenever I am shooting a full body shot I personally like going from a lower angle, however that may not always suit other individuals I'm photographing.
So I try to shoot from a mixture of higher up (that involves me standing on a box or my toes), straight on, and while squatting or kneeling. 

When Asking Someone to Take Your Photo

4. Guiding 
Have you ever passed by a cute wall or location and asked your friend to quickly take a snap of you?
Yeah, that's me with 98% of my photos. 
Depending on your friend, not all of them will know what type of image you want, so try to guide (politely) the individual to the type of image you want.
Start by explaining the parameters like you don't want the pole or stop sign to be in the photo so the person taking the photo knows where to frame the shot.
Next state the angle you want i.e. do you want the shot from a higher up angle or do they need to squat?
(side note: thank you to all of my friends who squat to make my legs look longer)

5. Take an Example Shot
If guiding doesn't work I suggest taking an example of what you want.
Such as having your friend pose while you frame the type of photo you are seeking.
That way I find that the friend helping you take the photo are more tolerant of your perfectionistic tendencies because they too get cute photos and can't complain.

6. Posing
This is the part I find the most challenging since it's usually me who ends up derping or messing up the entire shot while everything else is perfect.
I find that sometimes I get a bit stiff or awkward when I feel self-conscious and honestly f-k it. 
Experiment with what you do and don't be afraid to pose or try different things. 
Having a variety of shots definitely, increases your chances of having a usable photo.
If you're having trouble posing I suggest either looking down or laughing while looking down or looking away.
I find that for me I can nail a shot while looking down... I also use that pose when I want to showcase my eyeliner and the effort I placed on my makeup.

So there you have it guys! 
Six tips on how I achieve the perfect photo, and I know it sounds like it involves a lot of work.
However, I believe if you want something you have to work for it. 
And having that ideal photo is something that requires time and effort.
So don't be afraid if others judge, just focus on yourself and the main point is to get a good photo.
Also, have FUN!
If you start to stress whenever you take photos then try reading my post on how to stop stressing over the perfect photo!
I share how I stopped developing a negative attitude when photos didn't turn out right and when to let things go.
Till next time lovelies!
Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn

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