(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


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Typical Honger stuff.

On me: leather jacket, dress and shoes via Hong Kong

If it weren't for the fact Brian and I were friends, I'd never dare to do a shoot like this. Naturally being outgoing and the anti social child I am, Brian dared me out onto the streets of Central, Hong Kong to try out an "urban shoot". However through previous experiences I've noticed my thug attempts usually aren't portrayed in any amount of eye liner or leather-ness I adorned, however due to lots of encouragement (mostly on Brian's behalf), we managed to achieve a substantial (and almost believable) "model stare". 

Angry glares aside, it was an amazing day spent, venturing to more than one of our favourite cafes and indulging in masses of cupcakes and desserts alike, we passed the time away conversing on topics ranging from focus techniques to minimal adolescent issues.

As fast as exams are occurring, school just ended only a few days ago so this week will be my final quest on conquering my future struggles of T.H.A's (test heart attacks).... Okay that's a tad bit overly dramatic but I can't help it, I dislike... Or better yet despise exams. They bring out the worst in people, including people myself. So as far as productivity goes.. You'll probably find me praying to some form known as my cat, to provide the strength and wisdom to survive the week, where I'll be free before the bittersweet notion of summer school comes around. 

So here's to all my fellow soldiers who struggle with T.H.A's, Good luck and may the notes be with you.
As for my fellow readers, thank you for bearing with my lack of updates.
Fret not, new posts will be up soon! 

komorebi:(n.) sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
Xo Charmyn

PS: Being as patriotic as I can get in another country, heres a song to get you on that summer vibe.
(warning explicit language for any minors who may listen to this)


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