(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Changing Seasons


On me: Dress via InLoveWithFashion.com (similar colour), necklace via Rings&Tings (buy me) , Ring via Rings & Tings (buy me)

A little shoot I did with my trusty tripod, and I kid you not, shooting alone is super awkward. 
Especially to those who see an extremely vain girl running between takes to see whether if her "hair is alright". 
It was pretty hilarious to see people slow down their car to see my terrible attempt at manual focus, although I'm pleased with the colours.
Must've thought I was absurd to wear a dress, as opposed to a down jacket everyone else on the street wore.
Having a sudden liking towards pink, I've begun to dress a bit more girly. So do expect some pieces of lace, pastels and "cute" things. Don't fret though, my thug side is still hammering away and would kill me if I didn't keep an edge to any of my outfits. 

Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
Xo Charmyn



  1. Replies
    1. Nope, I found this place near a friends house and decided to shoot there :)

  2. the backdrop is BEEYOOTIFUL...as are you hunny ^_^

    1. Thank you :) I wanted to incorporate some forms of Autumn.


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