(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Ciao Roma

Gelato food coma. 

On me: top Hollister, kimono H&M, shoes Steve Madden

As expected the weather was insanely hot and I sweated tons. 
It was great to wear loose fitted clothing because it suited the humidity, and held ventilation purposes at times. 
Of course the hat was a dramatic touch, but prevented myself from becoming fully burnt. Although I cannot say the same for my awkward leg and sandal tan lines. Originally I planned to shoot at the Trevi Fountain where I hoped to throw some money away and gain a wish. But it was under construction, so I headed off to the spanish steps to find an isolated area to shoot. Ironically it was at the top of the steps where less tourists ventured to trek, but I can say I did my fair share of exercise that day. 
Till next time lovelies

Komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees
Xo Charmyn

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