(n.) Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees


Living in a State of Dreaming

On me: tankskirt (similar here) via Topshop   Photo: Agnes Wonke-Toth Photography

London has to be one of my favourite places I've travelled to so far. Perhaps it's because of the friends I met there or perhaps the new experiences that I find so intriguing. Or it could be the difference in boldness compared to where I live. Living in Canada, being fashionable was donning Uggs over Doc's, sweats over skinnies, cringe worthy tanks (e.g "yolo" & "like a boss") and anything demure and mentally frustrating. No i'm not against simplicity, but what confuses me is when I hear the same sentence over and over of not wanting to "dress up" because "comfort is better than style". In this modern age i'm sure we can both agree comfort & style is possible.

I'll miss you London and the girl who wore her Jeffrey Campbell's in the supermarket. Looking back I realize I've never been one to appreciate scenery. Instead I would run into the nearest food facility and take my precious time selecting what snacks to buy. However coming round for a second glance was utterly breath taking. I noticed a change in everything. The regal air and urban sophistication that every Londoner seemed to carry and the relaxed vibe locations had. That's what I love about London, imagination never seems to sleep there!    

komorebi(n.): Sunlight that filters through the leaves of the trees

Xo Charmyn

PS: Here's a song I've grown quite attached to recently. 
Ironically it's of the London band Two Door Cinema Cub. 
Regardless of their roots I can't wait to hear them live in Vancouver!


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